auto accident lawyers in chicago

A few weeks ago I received a call from someone who was injured in a car accident. They wanted me to give them the list of the best five car accident lawyers in Chicago. When I told them that they were not present, they did not give me the opportunity to explain why and how they hung. So for them or anyone else who is looking for a "top" or "best" lawyer for your case, I tell you why it is not that easy.
auto accident lawyers in chicago

Let's say that you are going down the highway and you brake because the traffic has come on the crawl. After ten seconds, a semi truck rammed into your car, causing two members of your family to die and your feet, pelvis and arms were shattered. It will take many years for you to recover physically and emotionally you will never do. Although it seems like a slam sting case, the reality is that there are only a handful of law firms that are capable of handling the case. High-level experience is required in trucking cases because many truck owners make shell companies to disguise their truck's real owner and it appears that only limited insurance is available to recover against it.

In such a case, I say that maybe Chicago has ten law firms with the real record of success in those cases. In that case, the "best" one could be the difference of millions of dollars, because you really need to know how to get the most money in these cases.

So when the firms are great, if you told me that you were sitting at a stop light and a person was withdrawn for $ 100,000.00 with a GEICO insurance policy and got hurt in the back, then I rent them to you I will not say to take it. It is not that they can not work, it is no way that a lawyer who deals with matters of truck death, is going to spend the necessary time on a small matter like this. They probably appoint a very young inexperienced colleague to handle the matter. In that case, the "best" car accident lawyer for you is a small firm that handles such cases throughout the day. You will pay the same fee, but in your corner there is a lawyer with 20 years of experience.

There are many other issues that are best for your unique case. It may be that the defendant is known as a sub-standard insurance company, which means that you need to get the best recovery that you need for a lawyer who is ready for the trial. Believe it or not, not all firms will do this. Maybe you have a unique injury. In that case there may be a person in your corner who has won a similar case and understands that medicine is important. Maybe you are calling a family member who does not speak English. In order to succeed, a person may need a person who speaks his own language.

I could go, but the bottom line is that the top lawyer for you may not be the top for anyone else. Every case is different. If you want to talk to an attorney free of charge, please call us for free consultation at 312-346-5320 at any time.

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